Breakfast Your Jam?

Breakfast is such an important meal of the day and there are a few wonderful spots in the Cohasset Village that will fuel you for the morning, all just a five-minute drive from Treasure Island. Dine in, sit on Main Street to watch folks pass by, or take your treats and sit by beautiful Cohasset Harbor.  

The Atlantic Bagel and Deli serves great NY Style bagels, voted  “Best on the South Shore”! They are chewy on the outside and tender on the inside  Top with your favorite shmear or add egg, cheese, and bacon for a substantial breakfast sandwich.  There are a few small tables inside if you want to eat in and watch the hustle and bustle of this fun breakfast and lunch spot.  

Transport yourself to France and stop by the French Memories Bakery and Cafe.   Quiche, croissants, tarts, scones, and many other delicacies will greet you when you walk in the front door.  Their cake, cookies, and pie offerings are extensive so you can bring home numerous treats for later in the day.  If you sleep in and are looking for an early lunch, try their soup and sandwiches.  There is plenty of indoor seating for you and friends and family to gather.   If the weather is good, you can sit at the tables on the sidewalk or in the lovely courtyard and watch people pass by.   This bakery and cafe offer a lovely start to your day.  

If you need coffee before you contemplate food, stop in at SeaBird Coffee. Their coffee is ethically grown, harvested, sourced, and roasted in-house.  This delicious coffee is crafted as you wish by talented baristas and you can purchase it by the bag to bring home.   There are a few stools in and outside if you want to linger over your coffee.  They offer a few craft pastries and offer a special “Donut Friday” featuring amazing donuts from a well-loved donut shop closer to Boston: (more details about that donut shop in a future blog post)!

One of my (our) favorite morning rituals is to pick up coffee/tea and a breakfast treat from one of the shops and carry it a short way to Cohasset Harbor and sit for a few minutes either by the Veteran’s Memorial or over on Government Island.   You have a close-up view of various seabirds and local fishermen setting off for their day.   It is stunning!